You finally arrived. OK and what’s next? Let us present you the most important information, tips and other facilities that will help you in getting arround Lodz!

Mobile Apps, that we find important: – this powerful mobile app allows you to get easily from point A to point B by public transport in almost every city in Poland, by providing you with the most suitable route, showing all changes and  ticket prizes. Additionally, it’s free but it’s in Polish. (Note: if you don’t want to download an app, go here).


Public Transport Rules

Public Transport services in Lodz are provided by MPK Lodz. While getting arround by bus or tram you are obliged to purchase a ticket. If you are equipped with the valid student card, you can buy a ticket with a 50% discount. It might happen that during your journey you will experience the ticket control. In that case you must show valid ticket and valid student card.

How to get the ticket?

There are few ways of getting a valid ticket in Lodz:

  1. You can buy it in Stationary Ticket Vending Machines at various bus and tram stops (You can find here a Map of stationary ticket selling points).
  2. Ticket Vending Machines are also located inside the buses or trams (only in the first truck).
  3. It is possible to buy them at some newsagent’s.
  4. Use a mobile app called: moBILET, which is an official app for buying public transport tickets and paying for car parking in bigger citites in Poland. However, it is written in Polish and requires Polish bank account.

To validate it you have to use it in the ticket validator located in every bus and tram.

Please find the Public Transport ticket fares.


Taxi in Lodz

If you wish, you can get arround by taxi. There are many taxi corporations in Lodz that vary in price. Here, we present you the list of some of them with the telephone numbers:

  • Green Cab Taxi: +48 664 608 608
  • Taxi Plus: +48 800 500 500
  • MPT Taxi: +48 800 500 919
  • Taxi Dwa Dwa: +48 42 63 00 200

IFE address: ul. Żwirki 36